The Portier Vision Camera is now UL listed as parking guidance equipment and proven to fulfill the requirements of CSA/UL 62368-1 2nd Edition. The product certification process to obtain the UL listed status included a construction review, testing, evaluation, and factory surveillance of the product’s conformity with national safety standards in the U.S. and Canada.

The Portier Vision Camera manufacturing line will be audited regularly by UL (Underwriters Laboratories®) field representatives. Underwriters Laboratories® (UL) has a 115-year history in the testing and certification of products. UL scientifically investigates thousands of products, components, materials and systems, from design to production, ensuring compliance with all technical and safety requirements.

The transition period for the old standards (IEC/EN 60065 and IEC/EN 60950-1) will terminate on December 20, 2020 and the current standard CSA/UL 62368-1 will become the only and mandatory safety standard for audio, visual, information and communication equipment for the North American market. The new standard has specific emphasis on safety and non-compliant products cannot be sold on the market after December 20th.

UL listing of the Portier Vision Camera demonstrates that Portier takes safety aspects seriously. Portier Vision, the world’s most advanced camera-based guidance solution, is the first and currently the only UL-listed device that meets the new requirements.

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