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The City Walk Mall and Residences is a community merging high-end retailers, restaurants, hotels, residential properties, and wellness centres located close to Burj Khalifa and Dubai Mall. It is easy to access the City Walk by public transportation or by your own car. One can choose valet parking when visiting the location, however, excellent service is also offered for more independent drivers wishing to choose their own space to park. Portier parking guidance displays are showing the availability of parking spaces in different levels in the garage and Portier space specific parking sensors immediately show with either green or red leds, whether the space is occupied or not. The parking garage in the City Walk Mall accommodates more than 1000 vehicles, so smooth and carefree parking is surely appreciated by all users.

Portier space specific parking sensor

Portier is extremely proud of this latest project completed in Dubai by our partner Secure Parking UAE.

Portier – Making the Right Decision!

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