Nyköping 16 hienoa hotellia paikassa Nyköping, Ruotsi joita Sembo suosittelee

The city of Nyköping is located about 100 kilometres south-west of the capital Stockholm along the Baltic Sea. The coastal city is also the home of Stockholm Skavsta Airport, which is located less than 10 kilometers from the city center. There are approximately 56 000 inhabitants of which most are living in the urban area of Nyköping.  

The city offers several different options for driving visitors. There are several on-street and off-street parking options to choose from. What makes it extremely nice and easy for the drivers, is that the city has chosen Portier parking guidance solution to help drivers locating an available parking space in the city center. Several calculation points are collecting the data from different parking locations which is shown in the Portier parking guidance displays along the streets. This service prevents unnecessary driving around the city area, decreasing pollution and keeping traffic running smoothly.

There is also one parking garage which is equipped with Portier space specific parking sensors. Before entering the garage, drivers see the number of free spaces in the facility from the Portier parking guidance display in front of the building. Inside the garage Portier space specific parking sensors indicate with green LEDs all free parking spaces. Parking is made convenient and comfortable in Nyköping!

This project was completed together with our partner Blinkfyrar AB.

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