Supercell is a developer of mobile games such as: Hay Day, Clash of Clans, Boom Beach, Clash Royale and Brawl Stars. The new Supercell headquarters is part of the unique Wood City block in Helsinki, with offices also in San Francisco, Seoul and Shanghai. In addition to Supercell HQ, the wooden office complex consists of two residential buildings and a parking facility.

The new HQ is an exceptional building in terms of architectural design as well as state of the art interior solutions. Portier parking guidance solution was a natural choice for this location due to Portier HOST platform’s unique software capabilities together with Portier parking guidance products, creating a great match for the extremely successful Supercell’s demands.

Portier parking guidance display

The parking garage’s entrance is equipped with Portier RGB parking guidance display indicating for the garage users the number of available spaces in the facility. Portier Vision, space specific parking cameras are installed in the garage guiding drivers directly towards available parking spaces. Single camera unit can monitor up to 6 spaces and availability of the spaces is shown with RGB led stripes. Portier Vision runs on our HOST platform which means that you can combine multiple technologies (LPR cameras on entries and exits, ultrasonic indicators, induction loop counting for example) into a single seamless user experience. Portier Vision offers extremely good accuracy for the detection of free/occupied status as well as license plate reading. Furthermore, Portier Vision contains in-built audio which can be used for music streaming, public announcements, or audio advertisements. The camera units can also be used for additional surveillance in the garage.

Portier Vision

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