Meredith Corporation is an American media conglomerate having its headquarters based in Des Moines, Iowa. The company was established in 1902 by Edwin Thomas Meredith, became a public company in 1946 and in 1965 Meredith was listed in the New York Stock Exchange. Today, Meredith uses multiple distribution platforms—including broadcast television, print, digital, mobile and video—to provide consumers with various content and to deliver the messages of its advertising and marketing partners.

Meredith Corporation Headquarters, Des Moines, Iowa

Meredith wanted to improve the parking experience for its staff and visitors to HQ. Portier parking guidance displays were installed at the entrance of the parking garage to show availability of parking spaces in each level. Portier ultrasonic counters count all entry and exit events and update the parking guidance displays immediately.

Guided parking makes arriving at Meredith easy and smooth. Drivers go directly to the floor with available spaces reducing stress, traffic, and pollution.

Portier – Making the Right Decisions!

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